What to Expect When Having Your Property Paved


Upon agreeing to and signing a quote from an asphalt paving company, there are several factors the home or property owner should consider. A good company will work with the customer to be as accommodating as possible, but as with any construction-oriented work, some inconveniences are to be expected. To minimize one's frustration, there are a few issues to consider and discuss with the company performing the work.



  • Asphalt work is highly dependent on weather conditions. Warmer weather is ideal, and rain typically makes any kind of satisfactory paving, crack sealing, or seal coating impossible. This work may have to be postponed if the chance of rain is high or if the ground is wet from recent precipitation.
  • Scheduling may possibly depend on when other work is set to be done in the area. An estimator must calculate the cost of transporting materials and equipment to a job site, and doing several jobs closer to one another at a time is more affordable and convenient for all parties involved.
  • The wait period between the signing of a contract and work being done can be anywhere from several days to several weeks, in some cases even months. It's important to be upfront about what days are preferable and on what dates, if any, no work can be done. The company should be able to give the customer an approximate date on or by which the work will begin. A client should always feel welcome to contact the paving company to inquire about how soon work will be done.
  • Ideally, the contracted work will be done when it is most convenient for the client (certain weekdays, times of day, particular days or weeks when the drive or parking lot will not be in use). In many cases, a commercial property will need to shut down part or all of their parking lot or drive in order to allow repairs or paving to be completed. Most businesses make an effort to notify their customers if they will need to be closed for a period of time to facilitate this work.
  • Paving companies will advise clients as to how long paving or sealer needs to sit before it can be walked or driven on without being damaged. This is also an element to consider when preparing for asphalt work to be done.


Equipment and Crew

  • Equipment ranges from hand-carried sprayers to vehicles larger than the average car. This may take up a portion of your parking lot or drive for the duration of the work.
  • If there is only one entrance to the drive or parking lot, it may be blocked off while work is being done, particularly if the area is included in the paving or repairs being done. In many cases this is unavoidable. Identifying the least inconvenient times or days of the week for the company to perform the agreed-upon work will be immensely helpful to the client.
  • Some of our quotes include parameters that require the client to provide water, means to haul away any grindings and debris, et cetera. These will always be specified on our quotes so the customer is aware of them before signing anything. Ensure that you have anything that it is required for the customer to furnish before signing a contract.
  • Paving and related work will often produce dust, smoke, and the strong smells of the materials being used; this may offend residents, employees, and your customers, making it a consideration to factor in when deciding with an estimator when it would be best to have the work done. These nuisances are unfortunately unavoidable in many cases and should also be kept in mind when agreeing to any asphalt work.


Ultimately, the client should always feel comfortable asking a paving company any questions they may have about quoted work. Asphalt contractors should understand that their field isn't always familiar to the layperson and should be willing to explain to a customer what is going to happen on one's property. Knowing ahead of time what to anticipate allows for a more convenient and efficient job to be done with as little stress and inconvenience to you as possible.