Wayne County Paving Scams

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department has released a statement on paving scams:



Welcome to summer. Long days, warm weather, the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Just like the robins return in the spring, you can also count on an influx of "paving crews" arriving in the area looking for work. Sure, there are crews who are here year around. Often these local pavers have a long history and great reputation.

You can count on the fact that reputable pavers are not operating out of a local motel or going door to door targeting seniors.

Thinking of having a driveway paved or sealed? Deal with someone who is local.

Here are 7 asphalt paving warning signs:

1. Selling door-to-door: Reputable asphalt contractors will sometimes offer there services if they are doing a legitimate job in the immediate area. Always ask for references.

2. Claiming they have leftover asphalt from another job: Professional asphalt contractors will know, with great accuracy, how much paving material is needed to complete a project. Rarely will they have leftover material. Some of the reasons a contractor might have left over material are due to weather, equipment problems, cancellations and etc.

3. Push you to make a quick decision: Reputable contractors will provide a written estimate that will be valid for weeks or months. If the great deal they are offering you today is not available tomorrow or next week it may be a scam.

4. No contract offered: Insist upon a written contract specifying in detail, the work to be performed and the agreed upon price.

5. Cash only sales: Most reputable contractors take checks or credit cards and don't require cash-only items.

6. Deals that seem to good to be true: If the quoted price seems very low, chances are the quality of work will also be quite low.

7. Unmarked truck: Often the trucks they travel in are unmarked or they have an out of town address and phone number. A little research will reveal that they have no permanent address and the phone number is often an answering machine.