Closing The 2018 Paving Season


As winter rapidly approaches, we are scheduling our last jobs of the season. This time of year is a scramble to complete as many high-quality jobs as possible before the weather prohibits it. It can be frustrating for paving companies and many other businesses within the construction field to be at the mercy of something completely outside of our control. It’s also frustrating for customers when scheduling has to be changed due to low temperatures and precipitation making it impossible to do a satisfactory job. Many home and business owners want their driveways and parking lots seal coated before winter to lessen the damage the cold weather will cause. Others have a specific amount budgeted, which may need to be utilized in a timely manner due to tax matters or regional management issues. While rain and sporadic temperature fluctuations throughout the spring, summer, and fall can create havoc for a small business such as ours, the conditions winter brings cannot be worked around by moving work forward or back by a few days.


Most experts agree that the absolute minimum temperature at which sealcoating can be done is 50°F. The ideal temperature is 70°F, although, even then, direct sunlight and fairly consistent temperatures will ensure the best outcome. In many parts of America, the temperature can fluctuate between perfect and totally prohibitive until late fall and sometimes early winter. This makes it a challenge for even experienced paving and sealcoating contractors to decide when to try to complete jobs and when it’s time to close for the year.


Paving is possible in harsher conditions. For that reason, sealcoating is usually stopped for the year before asphalt paving is. While sealcoating has a largely agreed-upon cutoff point, asphalt paving can be done at lower temperatures, so what weather conditions a company is willing to pave in can vary. The challenge presented by colder temperatures is that asphalt hardens more quickly the cooler the air and underlying surface are. Therefore, the colder it is, the less time there is to install it, smooth it, and ensure proper grading. While most asphalt pavers will stop paving at around the same time every year, individual companies may be willing to work at slightly colder temperatures than others.


Most Paving Co. is immensely grateful to all of our wonderful customers for allowing us to quote and do your work for you. To see if there is any chance of us being able to pave your drive or parking lot this season, or to be put on the list for the 2019 paving season, please call us at (330) 682-6025 or fill out our contact form here on the website. We look forward to working with you in the coming year.